Friday, May 25, 2007

Hi gang,

Im manic today as Im flyin off to Canada on Sunday. Ive been gettin all the suncreams and t-shirts etc Ive also had to get in to work. AAHHHH!!!! wheres all the time and to cap it all Ive looked up the weather and it looks pretty crap for next few days! sods law I guess. Ive waited years to get there and now Im going to see all my family its rubbish weather! typical!
Ive still got my Prince concert to look forward to - I tend to do that - I move from event to another - I love planning! The Vip prince thing will keep me goin all summer - just waitin and anticipatin!

I keep readin the forums hopin someone has an inside clue as to any other dates he might be playin and also news of an afterparty?? Im still lookin forward to the stuff comin in on FlirtyorDirty as it really looks fab, all their new swimwear and stuff. I should manage to get my mits on some of it! you know me right in there!

I havent even thought about summer yet but I fancy Canaries again. Its soooo beautiful and the weathers just fab! I need somewhere to show off all the bikinis. Id better get off down to the tannin shop soon or Ill be a marshmallow on the beach - yuk. Ive managed to book some premiun seats at the last minute with MyTravel so we dont need to get to the airport too early just 90mins - eh? thats so much better, especially for a long flight. Dont forget to check out toyshippers as well for cool grownup stuff. My fave place for clothes has got to be Yoox, they have fab end of season sales and hugely discounted designer wear. Ive had boots, bikinis and alls orts from them over the last few years. It can be a bit tedious trawllin through it all and the pics are so small but their blow up tool is pretty good. Flirty's site is pretty easy to navigate and they have a specials section as well. Plus if you sign up to the e-news letter they let you know in advance of any sales goin on or new stuff arrivin. Let me know what you think.

See ya,


Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Hi there,

Just a quickie to day - that alright?

Guess what I got my hot little mits on last week? PRINCE TIX at the O2 Arena. Only OPENING NIGHT with VIP Cruise from Savoy Pier, on-board pre-show party! live DJ's, top deck barbeque - now the question your askin is Will he Wont heeeeeee? How should I know but a girl can hope? Cant she? Maybe an exclsuive set with all the best oldies: I would die for you, Little red beret. if i was your girlfriend and of course Kiss!! Post me a comment if you want tix as I got a couple spare for sale. I actually got them for FlirtyorDirty team but they didnt want em - DAFT I tell you! thats what they are, i mean who could turn these down. Theyre gold dust and only the coolest gig on the planet. Prince Fams have been waiting in the Uk for eons for this show. I thought of Fams on but they sem a bit stuffy on sellin on tix, so i thought id tell you guys about them. Anyhow Im goin rain or shine nothins gonna stop this girl from partying!! have got a new range comin in called Phax. Ive heard its a brazilian brand of swimwear, bikinis and tops etc. Ive seen a couple of pics so Ive added them here for you guys. Its been kinda Pimso'clock weather today - lets hope it lasts eh? ikts not been good for the start of summer - i mean when can you wear yer flirty little shorts and high heels? its too darn cold! goose bumps do not wear well.

After a very long hang over ive decided i do not like mixing fizzy wine with whisky - not in the same glass you understand me? but one after the other. mother of a hangerona! what ealse do i love this week? well my fella sportscar - it s called a dax rush kinda kit car thing with a cossie engine. its mega fast. we went out in on Saturday and drove home in the dark. perfect no cars empty open roads - great fun, but still too cold really. Its open topped and the Rush of wind is unreal as it blasts around the tiny windscreen. So there i was ultra not sexy in a winter coat zipped upto my chin, hat on down round me ears and sun glaases on - in the dark!! still the hair looked alright at the other end. We had a ching takeaway and got blottoed! as i said - great fun.

Tell me what youve been up to last weekend and post me a comment

see ya