Sunday, May 25, 2008

... Sensual Massage!
Im lovin this massage oil collection set by KamaSutra on! I think its great for experimenting, especially for the first time, with sensual massage and erotic play. These wonderfully scented and tasty oils are in beautiful little bottles with stoppers and come in a myraid of colours that wont stain your bed sheets. Perfect as you dont want tell tale signs do you now, that would be something for the holiday hotel staff to raise an eyebrow at - eh?
Never tried sensual massage? Well, be prepared and suggest it to your partner before hand as they need to be happy with the suggestion, if you set the scene and take your time you will both definately reap the rewards.
Heres some Syble tips to the perfect sensual massage:
Comfort Zone:
Lay your partner face-down on a bed or couch in a comfortable position, sometimes a silk cover or soft blanket draped over them can add to the sense of security and comfort. Set the mood with low-level lighting or candles. Aromatherapy candles are wonderful, or add some silk rose petals across the sheets for an added romantic ambiance. Make sure the room is warm or they will want to cover-up at once! remember to take your time, this is not to be rushed through and is an experience of sharing and giving.

Flirty ... not dirty.... yet!
Apply a little massage oil to the palms of your hands and rub gently together to warm the Kama Sutra oil, this makes it easier to apply and wont jolt your partner with a cold shock! NOT condusive to a sensual massage! Remember this is the start of a long massage, start at the nape of your partners neck with your fingertips and gently work your way down across the neck and shoulders. This is not an exercise in sports massage so dont knead too harshly! Dont squeeze the collarbone and muscle as this is not comfortable, just work your fingertips in small circular motions. The neck area is often tense in most people and these gentle massage motions will help ease and relax your partner.

Stretch out the arms and massage the biceps lightly with your fingertips. Work the back on either side of the spinal cord, but never push deeply on the spine itself. Use upward strokes laterally along the spine until you reach the tail bone. Feel free to tease the area around the base of the spine because it contains many sensitive nerve endings but dont apply too much pressure as many people have stiff vertebrae in this area and that is a job for a professional. Always remember the back is delicate and this is massage for fun - not to cure ailments! Move from this area back to the top and start again gently massaging away the stresses and tensions, apply pressure as you circle upwards towards the heart and ease off a little with the downward stroke. Use long strokes with the hand open touching the palm to the back and rib cage and use your thumb to apply the massage pressure, combine this with the circular motions alternating between the two techniques.

STILL Flirty ... not dirty!
Work your way down over her the buttocks momentarily and onto the thighs, especially the inner thighs which are very sensitive, as you stroke your hands palm down use your thumbs in circular motions to gently tease and tantalise the inner thigh area. Remain gentle and caressing, using long strokes up and down the leg. Start at the thigh and move on the the calf and finally the ankles and then feet. Massage the feet for ultimate relaxation but stay too long or you partner may fall asleep! Move back up to the inner thigh and add more oil to your hands.

Flirty and Dirty!
While you're massaging, lean over and let your chest or hair rub against the back ever so slightly. Let other parts of your body rub up against your partners while in the midst of your massage. From time to time, exhale slowly along the body and when you're about to come to finish the flirty part of the massage, nibble on your partners ear and kiss the nape of the neck. Allow one hand to wander between the legs and caress the intimate areas with oil still on your fingers. the oil and your hands will be warm which will heighten the arousal to be gained from sensual massage.

Kama Sutra - The Collection Set: What they recommend!
Challenge your lover to name every one of these different flavours within the collection with their eyes closed. The set features a tempting array of Oils of Love. These magic potions heat up on contact, imparting a warm tingly glow where ever they are rubbed. Slippery to the touch and irresistible to the tongue, this is sure to be one collection you won't mind delving into.
A tempting taste of each flavour: Original, Chocolate Mint, Cherry Almond, Raspberry Kiss and Vanilla Crème. If you prefer one taste best than 100ml bottles are available seperately from
well I hope thats whetted your appetites for a little try at sensual massage!
have fun,

Love Syble

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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

...Sexy experiences!
Like the photoshoot experiences on! these packages last for 3-4 hours! and include a champagne cocktail on arrival and the London studio has a fab neon pink bar! You get hair-styling and a make-over too. Doubletake studios have loads of sexy sets to choose from to get the perfect pics for your album. You need to bring your own accessories and lingerie for the shoot.
You have to be over 18 for this shoot as its in lingerie.
You can choose from several locations up and down the country from London to Manchester and as long as you book within six months of ordering from you can arrange a time that suits you anytime during the next year. Its a beautiful gift for a friends wedding as the packages include an erotic shoot for couples, obviously you can be as dressed as you choose, just remember its not a porno shoot so dont get too carried away! Theres something for everyone really all different prices. The sets on offer are stylish and exciting like this one pictured plus the London studios are all female staff so you can really relax and enjoy the day. The Sirens package at £49.95 each is ideal for a hen do ,lets face it youd spend that much each on a limo. The whole thing is designed for a fun day out.
When you book you get a unique code from so you can book the experience with double take and all the packages on are unique to them and cant be bought anywhere else! You get this lovely gift pack pictured here too, with a VIP card to get discounts on-line plus a discount voucher so you can buy some really gorgeous lingerie before you go.
Take a look and see what you think.

love Syble

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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Hi Everyone,

Today Im enthusing about the gorgeous new products from Fun Factory. Made and designed in Germany, Fun Factory are synonymous with sexy adult products that you wouldnt want yer dear ole mum to know about! They've launched a new range of accessories designed for fun lovin couples and includes some sexy scents, candles that can be dripped onto your skin and used as aromatic sensual massage oil, plus some very sexy pasties for men and women plus lots of cuffs in various fun designs.

In case you're wondering, pasties are what the burlesque ladies wear as nipple covers, famously in sequins and with tassels. These clever little cover-ups have nowadays been turned around into beach wear for those who want to go topless but want a fun way to not tan the nipples. Fun Factory have
ken this a stage further by introducing a modern range of silicone covers in fun shapes for guys and gals. Their black circle design with a faux piercing are very macho and at last the fellas can join in the fun.
I also love the Hippy Cuffies (pictured)which are a new take on fun cuffs, made from silicone they are soft and yet durable. Hippy is made in black with an electric blue small floral design. They arenNarrow cuffs with a tapered shape. Comes complete with stylish blue cuff links with the FUN logo on plus a silver chain with large crab claws at either end. Suited for men and women! Gorgeous to wear out as a fashion cuff with a sexy secret!
'Fun Factory describe their cuffies as 'bracelets for passionate bonding'. Their velvety charm rises to the occasion when grace with a dash of force is called for. For amorous play that guarantees you will 'bond' with your partner. Beautifully packaged in a Fun Factories box with their stunning graphics. The box can be used for storage.' Ive pinched this bit off of Flirtyordirty.coms site, I love this understated Germanic way of describing cuffs and their possible use!!
The fact that they are washable is always a bonus in my book! Afterall that massage oil can get a tad messy!
Anyhow I'll keep you posted about any new finds I love, dont forget to click the RSS feed at the top!
Take care!
Love Syble

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