Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Just wanted to let you all know about Falbala a skimpy new string from Lola Luna. Its up on FlirtyorDirty.co.uk right now. Its white and sexy girly pink with silk flowers and organza bows up the front and oh did I mention its another open one! They've also got some gorgeous new lingerie in from Luxxa called Cannes. Its all
black silk embroidery on black stretch tulle with organza ribbon up the front in a lace-up design.

I am mostly lovin Capital radio at the mo dont you just get tired of all the repeating on London radio? same old songs week in week out Ive been listening to Kiss this year and just gor real fed up with all the replays so Ive switched for a while. I always do that - last year it JazzFM for a while until I tired of their playlist. Wheres all the goods music gone? I resorted to CDs but I havent got a changer so thats tiresome as well after a short while. Mostly I listen to Prince new and old but love most dance and current tunes. I dont tire of FlirtyorDirty.co.uk though the stock keeps changing with all the classics hanging around for a while but a good steady flow of new designs so I can add to my fun collection whenever I want.

Im into jewelry at the mo, just dress up stuff with lots of dangly earings and funky chunkies as necklaces. Ive hit a bit of a financial crisi so I cant go and get all the new stuff in the shops yet. Ill have to pace myself but then I am the sale showroom queen. Flirty's got some great deals as well! I picked up a Luxxa body for a fraction of its usual price last week. The new obsessive stuff is real cool and very affordable as well. Im still gettin over my VIP tix purchase last month - to see The purple man himself of course in Aug. Although I just seen that ticketmaster have released more tix as an aution for front row on opening night and a few other dates. FURIOUS? not the half of it do I bid or dont I? thats the dilemma! Does that mean Im not near the font? or is there a sep section for VIP tix holders? Confused - you will be ...




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