Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Hi all,

Had a lovely Easter break, fantastic weather here in good ole blighty. Went to the beach on the Kent coast for a very windy day! Weather that is! not me- although I have to say the fishnchips didnt go down too well. And whats with watering down vinegar these days?? it didnt taste of anything. Who wants to be back at work now we've all had four days off??
Its nearly home time so I thought id better get a blog out to let you know about the new Lola Lunas they've got in stock at FlirtyorDirty.co.uk

Stunning new sexy designs by Lola Luna from France. The pic above is called Niagara and is naturally an open string. Some people call them crotchless but I hate that. Its sounds so naff and old! Anyhow these Lolas are not crotchless they are completely open. Niagara has a shimmying curtain of black tassles and lovely jewelry at the sides. They've only just gone on and they are selling fast! so get in there - FAST.

The other piccie is called Venus. Golden strings with a detachable diamante jewel at the front. Let me know what you think? Im not sure about this one. Well a cappucino is a callin so Im gonna run now, It might still stay lovely and warn outside for a bit longer - hopefully as I may get off early today. And in case you're wondering I did go with the guy from the first floor - to the beach that is!




Monday, April 02, 2007

Hi there guys, its syble here.
I've been off the blog for a while but am back on form now! I've got some great products to show you and some stunning new Luxxa lingerie. FlirtyorDirty.co.uk got this in just in time for Valentines Day and its still soaring out! The new collection is called Moscow and is in a glorious deep red. I know there's loads of you who love the ladies in red!! This body has lovely embroidery over the tops of the cups and down the front. The unusual tiny gold chains have a little droplet on the end of each leading your down down down!
FlirtyorDirty.co.uk have grown huge since I was last bloggin - they've expanded their toy range and have some really cool colours that are quite unique to them. The most talked about toy is definately The Cone. Johnathan Ross had one of these on his Friday Night show, so Flirty's got them as well.

Its nearly home time and when Ive finished this blog I think Ill pop down the road to our local boozer for a quick drink - its so sunny and lovely today and yet ive been stuck behind this screen all day looking at lingerie. Aha! you might all cry "we want to do that job". Its cool getting to see all the new sexy stuff first but I have gota hankerin to get outside. Its probably cold anyhow. Let me know if you like the blog and ill keep it up and runnin. Check out my other flirty blogs, ive got updates for swimwear this year as well. Gorgeous, sexy brazilians and I dont mean the beauty parlor kind! delicious chocolate brown bikinis and jewelled whites. Stunnin! Well you gota dream of the hols every time its suny in London - we dont see it too often.
Dont forget to have a look at FlirtyorDirty.co.uk for more new products and check my blog later!

Syble xxx