Wednesday, October 08, 2008

. . . Nookii Rhythm Balls!
Sexy balls designed to help strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. Nookii have designed a cute set of pink balls for women with a selection of exercise cards and packaged in a cute round box. Designed by women for women the Nookii Toys range of products has increased this Autumn with their own collection of vibrators and toys for your guy!
Now, most of us women have heard about pelvic floor muscles, well those of us who have had babies and those over 45. We know all about the slackening of this figure of eight muscles and the horrors of possible incontinence while running for the bus or cheering your guy at the local footie on a Sunday! Especially if you've had a hearty laugh after childbirth, now thats an eye opener! What many women dont realise is that you can strengthen your pelvic floor muscles to enhance your sex life. This is something the ancient Chinese knew a thing or two about. Have you read the Memoirs of a Geisha? Rhythm Balls are designed for this purpose but some folk like to wear them for the 'jiggling' sensations they create. They have a handy loop to remove them easily and lets face-it its not an alien idea, after all women have been using tampons for years!
Here's what Nookii have to say about them," Rhythm Balls are weighted and nestle inside you. they are discreet, noiseless and comfortable while all the time strengthening your pelvic muscles. Pop them in, using lubrication if necessary and use them while you are at home, in the car or even out with friends. Practice every day and feel the difference". Theres some exercises to try too, heres one suggestion: "Sit and bend your knees, bringing your heels towards your bottom. Raise your arms out wide at shoulder height and slowly twist your body from side to side. Then put your hands on your waist, lean backwards and hold for 10 seconds. Repeat 3 times."
Now it's my idea that you dont need to secret yourself away and try to fit these exercises in while your man's at Golf; I think you should get yourself dressed up in a sexy little number from and make him watch! That should get his interest! Talkin of Golf - I'm not suggesting that you want to learn to pop golf balls out of you-know-where! well you might and thats fine too, but if you do try the Nookii Rhythm Balls, we know that your partner will definitely thank you for it. And next time you're creasing up at Little Britain USA or some other such comedic offering on TV, you wont have to make a hasty retreat to the bedroom for a change of knickers. That kind of 'wetting yerself' is NOT what your partner has in mind!


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