Sunday, November 29, 2009

Hi gang,
I thought Id share this fab game Ive found on Its described as: 'The best party game in the world! Perfect for Summer parties, BBQs, Hen & Stag parties or just 'cos you feel like havin' a party.' well isnt that just abut the whole time? eh? Heres the low down on whats in the box, much better than anything Mr Edmunds has to offer!
Foolin' Around is the party game that will boost your social life as soon as you open the box. Packed with a whole host of entertaining, revealing and inventive games for every mood and occasion, Foolin' Around is sure to get your party going.

Test your impersonation, miming and balancing skills against your friends; discover how well you really know them; expose your talent for deception; find out if you are a truth or dare personality; and so much more...
Whose going to score the most points? Are your friends up to it? How far are you prepared to go? With over 100 cards you'll find a huge variety of hilarious games you've never seen before plus some classics with our very own Foolin' Around twist! It's Foolin' Around and probably the best night in (or out!) you've had for years.

love it, love it, love it.

Good ole Flirtyordirty they always come up trumps with fab fun games for xmas.



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