Monday, June 02, 2008

... Kama Sutra Products!
The Kama Sutra itself is of course famous and made hugely popular in the sixties by its re-publication and much discussion about its contents, pus Lord Baths murals depicting it in his private quarters at Longleat House and Safari Park, and so in the late 1960s a couple of guys from America decided to create a lovely range of sensual products for couples to enjoy that enveloped the senses and held to true to the Kama Sutra philosophies. They worked hard at the Indian style packaging as well the contents and have in fact created a wonderful collection over the years, of edible products that heighten your love making enjoyment and look wonderful too.

The Kamasutra (Aphorisms of Love) was first translated in 1883 by intrepid Victorian explorer Sir Richard Burton subject of Channel Four's 'The Victorian Sex Explorer'. Actor Rupert Everett Takes the journey of 'Dirty Dick' as he was known.

These flavoured gift sets make the perfect present for a loved one, friend, or just to reward yourself. They are rightly called Treasure Troves and inside you will indeed find a treasure worth trying. Beautiful Indian erotic art adorns these tins that you will want to keep even when the contents are finished! Inside is a veritable bounty of deliciously kissable offerings: Sweet, soft, sensuously smooth Honey Dust Powder with its own feather applicator, tingling, tantalising, tasty Oil of Love and intensifying Pleasure Balm. Delve into these hidden wonders and you'll find all you need to add sparkle to your love life. The tins are quite large but then with artwork like that you can keep them out and not hide them away. Take a look on for the complete range of Kamasutra products, you're gonna want some of them!
In four delicious flavours: Raspberry Kiss, Strawberries & Champagne, Strawberry Dreams or Tangerine & Cream. Perfect for Summer fun!
Kamasutra products are a brilliant way to introduce your partner to erotic play without the cliche adult packaging or lurid names etc. At the Adult Only Show in Birmingham last year I found that the ladies love this product especially the taste, its sweet yet not sickly as are many body paints from the high street. The guys also liked the honey dust especially the feather tickler which is real feather and very soft! The Body Souffle was requested by Julie Peesgood, Alan Titchmarsh's resident 'sexpert' on his daytime TV show. With tastes like vanilla and chocolate you cant go wrong, this is the kind of over-eating we can recommend!



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