Sunday, May 18, 2008

Hi Everyone,

Today Im enthusing about the gorgeous new products from Fun Factory. Made and designed in Germany, Fun Factory are synonymous with sexy adult products that you wouldnt want yer dear ole mum to know about! They've launched a new range of accessories designed for fun lovin couples and includes some sexy scents, candles that can be dripped onto your skin and used as aromatic sensual massage oil, plus some very sexy pasties for men and women plus lots of cuffs in various fun designs.

In case you're wondering, pasties are what the burlesque ladies wear as nipple covers, famously in sequins and with tassels. These clever little cover-ups have nowadays been turned around into beach wear for those who want to go topless but want a fun way to not tan the nipples. Fun Factory have
ken this a stage further by introducing a modern range of silicone covers in fun shapes for guys and gals. Their black circle design with a faux piercing are very macho and at last the fellas can join in the fun.
I also love the Hippy Cuffies (pictured)which are a new take on fun cuffs, made from silicone they are soft and yet durable. Hippy is made in black with an electric blue small floral design. They arenNarrow cuffs with a tapered shape. Comes complete with stylish blue cuff links with the FUN logo on plus a silver chain with large crab claws at either end. Suited for men and women! Gorgeous to wear out as a fashion cuff with a sexy secret!
'Fun Factory describe their cuffies as 'bracelets for passionate bonding'. Their velvety charm rises to the occasion when grace with a dash of force is called for. For amorous play that guarantees you will 'bond' with your partner. Beautifully packaged in a Fun Factories box with their stunning graphics. The box can be used for storage.' Ive pinched this bit off of Flirtyordirty.coms site, I love this understated Germanic way of describing cuffs and their possible use!!
The fact that they are washable is always a bonus in my book! Afterall that massage oil can get a tad messy!
Anyhow I'll keep you posted about any new finds I love, dont forget to click the RSS feed at the top!
Take care!
Love Syble

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