Tuesday, May 20, 2008

...Sexy experiences!
Like the photoshoot experiences on Flirtyordirty.com! these packages last for 3-4 hours! and include a champagne cocktail on arrival and the London studio has a fab neon pink bar! You get hair-styling and a make-over too. Doubletake studios have loads of sexy sets to choose from to get the perfect pics for your album. You need to bring your own accessories and lingerie for the shoot.
You have to be over 18 for this shoot as its in lingerie.
You can choose from several locations up and down the country from London to Manchester and as long as you book within six months of ordering from Flirtyordirty.com you can arrange a time that suits you anytime during the next year. Its a beautiful gift for a friends wedding as the packages include an erotic shoot for couples, obviously you can be as dressed as you choose, just remember its not a porno shoot so dont get too carried away! Theres something for everyone really all different prices. The sets on offer are stylish and exciting like this one pictured plus the London studios are all female staff so you can really relax and enjoy the day. The Sirens package at £49.95 each is ideal for a hen do ,lets face it youd spend that much each on a limo. The whole thing is designed for a fun day out.
When you book you get a unique code from Flirtyordirty.com so you can book the experience with double take and all the packages on Flirtyordirty.com are unique to them and cant be bought anywhere else! You get this lovely gift pack pictured here too, with a VIP card to get discounts on-line plus a Flirtyordirty.co.uk discount voucher so you can buy some really gorgeous lingerie before you go.
Take a look and see what you think.

love Syble

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